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二月 28th 2016 in 尚未歸類

“飛彈協同攻擊之方法,” Taiwan Patent: 發明第I529367 號 (2016/04/11-2033/11/30)( “飛彈協同攻擊之方法”)

“金融櫃台快速填單方法與系統,” Taiwan Patent: 發明第I518620 號 (2016/01/21)

“晶片卡 SMART CARD,” Taiwan Patent: 發明第I490788 號 (2015/07/01)

“在裝置之間傳送數位內容之方法、傳送數位內容之裝置、接收數位內容之裝置以及電腦程式產品,” Taiwan Patent: 發明第I470984 號 (2015/01/21)

“多重鏈路傳輸系統及其改善合併頻寬效能之方法,” Taiwan Patent: 發明第I469657號 (2015/01/11)

“飛行器及其監控系統,” Taiwan Patent: 新型第M492778 號 (2015/01/01)

“耗電量測裝置、耗電量測方法及其電腦可讀取記錄媒體,” Taiwan Patent: 發明第I440279號 (2014/06/01)

“具變換面板之冰箱,” Taiwan Patent: 新型第M466237號 (2013/11/21)

“空間資訊系統及智慧感應整合裝置,” Taiwan Patent: 新型第M 459885號 (2013/8/21-2023/5/6) (2013/08/21)

“識別迴路上電器用電行為的方法、系統與電腦程式產品,” Taiwan Patent: 發明第I393894號 (2013/04/21)

“辨識電器狀態之方法、系統及電腦程式產品,” Taiwan Patent: 發明第I386652號 (2013/02/2)

“多維度密碼,” Taiwan Patent: 發明第I237976號 (2005/08/11-2024/10/02)

“在區格化碟片上儲存可變位元比資料之架構,” Taiwan Patent: 發明第346624號 (1998/12/01-2017/10/27)

“在固定位元比通道上傳輸可變位元比資料之方法,” Taiwan Patent: 發明第331687號 (1998/05/11-2017/07/02)


Electricity consumption measurement apparatus, electricity consumption measurement method, and non-transitory tangible machine-readable medium thereof; CC Chuang, JT Shieh, RI Chang – US Patent 9,002,669, 2015

Method and system for recognizing power consumption behaviors of electric appliances in a loop; CC Chuang, RI Chang, HR Lai – US Patent 8,346,713, 2013

Method and system for recognizing statuses of electric appliances; CC Chuang, RI Chang, HR Lai – US Patent 8,237,586, 2012

“Measurement Of Electricity Consumption With Compensation For Nominal Supply Voltage Variation,” United Kingdom Patent 2495997-A, 2013

Method and apparatus for transmitting digital contents; FY Huang, MC Lin, FH Kuan, RI Chang, JF Tsai… – US Patent App. 13/355,365, 2012

Meng-Chang Chen, Jan-Ming Ho, Ming-Tat Ko, Ray-I Chang, “Transmission of variable-bit-rate information data on constant-bit-rate channel,” US Patent No. 6,040,866. (2000/03/21-2017/08/19)

Meng-Chang Chen, Jan-Ming Ho, Ming-Tat Ko, Ray-I Chang, Y.C. Wang, S.L. Tsao, “Filing of variable-bit-rate video information on zoned disks,” US Patent No. 6,141,493. (2000/10/31-2017/11/04)

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74. 何佳儒, 莊昀諺, 張瑞益, “SmartChair APP – 以行動科技協助脊髓損傷者的治療復健,” 數位教學暨資訊實務研討會, 2016.

75. Yu-Chi Liu, Wei-Chun Chung, Meng-Huang Lee, Kuan-Jen Wang, Shin-Hung Chang, Chi-Jen Wu, Ray-I Chang, Jan-Ming Ho, “Scheduling of Optimal DASH Streaming,” International Conference on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, 2016. ()

76. Ray-I Chang, Yu-Chi Liu, Jan-Ming Ho, Yu-Hsien Chu, Wei-Chun Chung, Chi-Jen Wu, “Optimal […]

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